Nelson Road Farm

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About Nelson Road Farm 

   We are a small family farm, continuing a tradition that was started by Mark's grandfather 101 years ago!  We raise beef cattle, pigs, meat chickens, laying hens, and sometimes turkeys.  We also enjoy having some ducks running around the yard as pets. 

   We offer free-range, grass-fed, extra-lean ground beef along with beef steaks and roasts that are dry-aged for flavor and tenderness.  Our pork products come from pigs that are pastured and fed locally-ground grain for quality.  Our chickens are not caged and have outdoor access.

   Nelson Road Farm does not use growth hormones or pesticides.   We believe in raising our animals as naturally and humanely as possible in the best conditions that we can provide.




Our product list normally includes brown eggs, whole chicken, ground chicken, ground turkey, whole ham, bacon, sliced sandwich ham, ground pork, bulk breakfast and mild Italian sausage, pork roasts, pork chops, lean ground beef, beef roasts and steaks.  All meat products are frozen, although occasionally we will have fresh whole chickens.  Most cut meats are in one pound packages, or as close as possible. Some things like roasts will be available in multi-pound packages, and slightly over or under exact pounds. This is outside our control.  The Order List will be updated as inventory changes.



Nelson Road Farm

Mark & Kathy Johnsen

4641 Nelson Road

Brookston, MN  55711